What Is Bund Lining?

Bund lining is used to line the walls of a tank or other container to protect it in the event of a leak or spillage. This lining is vital to prevent environmental damage and loss of containment which can occur when a liquid such as nitric acid, wet chlorine gas or oil escapes from tanks or pipes at industrial plants.

The correct type of bund lining system must be selected for your specific application. Whether your project is new construction or a refurbishment of existing bund walls, there are various systems to choose from which will offer different chemical resistance properties and performance characteristics.

Bund Lining: Materials and Techniques for Effective Containment

Choosing the right type of bund lining system also depends on how the bund will be used – what chemicals are stored and how they are handled. This is because different bund liners have differing chemical resistant properties which may or may not be suitable for specific chemicals.

NCC offer a range of specialist solvent-free epoxy resin coating and bund lining products for very specific applications and industries. These include systems developed for use on concrete surfaces in contact with potable (drinking) water, where the products all have DWI approval in the UK for this purpose; and for nuclear power sites where the systems are required to have the highest levels of radiation decontamination certificates. In addition NCC can offer specific advice and bespoke solutions for a wide variety of other applications.