Types of Casters

Casters are wheeled rolling devices that are often found on industrial equipment, hand trucks and office chairs. They have a metal frame, which affixes to the object being moved. The wheels, usually made of either rubber or polyurethane, are attached to the wheel frame with a fastener.

What happens to the vehicle if there is too much caster?

Some types of casters have brakes. Brakes allow the user to unlock the device when moving it. This reduces accidents. Others have a locking mechanism that prevents the caster from moving. These features are useful when you have to lock the caster to the equipment.

Rigid top plate casters are easy to maneuver and are safer than swivel casters. In contrast, swivel top plate casters have more parts and are more difficult to keep in place. Source : https://www.castercity.com/plate-casters/

When looking for a caster, you should consider its load capacity. A smaller caster will not be able to hold a heavy load. You should also think about the maintenance that it will require. For example, hard tread wheels can chip. Polyurethane wheels are less prone to marks, and can handle chemicals and solvents. However, they are more expensive than soft tread wheels.

The best type of caster is dependent on the application. For example, refrigerators need a lot of space to move and require a sturdy caster. Swivel casters are better for applications with curved lines.

Rubber casters are popular for hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories. Polyurethane wheels are used in many industrial settings because of their durability and ability to handle chemicals and solvents.