The Best Orthotic Technology for Sports Podiatry

A Sports Podiatrist is a doctor who is specialized in treating sports related injuries. As many of the sports injuries are caused by problems with the lower limb and ankle, a sports podiatrist can help treat these types of injuries. Sports Podiatry is part of Orthopedic Sports Medicine which is a sub-specialty of medicine. Sports Podiatry is also known as sports medicine. A sports podiatrist may work closely with an athletic trainer or a physical therapist.

What Is The Best Orthotic Technology For Sports Podiatry And How Does It Work?

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The most commonly reported sports podiatry injury is shin splints. A sports podiatrist might suggest the application of custom orthotics which corrects the abnormal curve of the lower shinbone and provides arch support to increase flexibility of the foot while reducing the stress on the heel bone. Another injury commonly treated by a sports podiatrist is Achilles tendinitis. It occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed due to micro-tears, over-utilization, or through excessive stretching of the tendons. The most commonly suggested treatment for this condition is a stretching program which prevents damage to the tendon or microscopic tears in the tendon sheath. Other treatments used to treat Achilles tendinitis include physical therapy, cortisone injections and in severe cases, surgery.

Foot biomechanics plays an important role in many sporting activities. Injuries to the foot such as bunions, corns and calluses can be effectively treated with customized orthotics. For more information on how to best care for your feet, visit your local sports podiatry clinic and ask about the latest in athletic shoe technology.