Snus – The Original Smokeless Tobacco Product


The snus is the original smokeless tobacco product from Sweden, and it has remained popular since its introduction in 1915. It is considered less harmful than cigarette smoke, both to the user and others. Snus is often used as a substitute for cigarettes, and many former smokers continue to use snus long after they have stopped smoking. Snus is produced and sold in a number of different forms. Loose snus is a fine powder that can be formed into a cylindrical or spherical shape using the fingers, or with the aid of specialized cylindrical devices (such as prism, buga, or prilla). Some users prefer to pinch loose snus and place it under their upper lip, known as a farmer’s pinch, living snus, or a prell. The popularity of loose snus has been overtaken by portioned varieties, which are easier to carry and conceal.URL :

Health Myths vs. Facts: Debunking Common Misconceptions About Snus

Snus can be purchased in Sweden and Denmark, as well as Norway, South Africa, the Pacific islands, and the USA. It is a relatively expensive product, but it is generally cheaper than smoking cigarettes in the countries where it is sold.

Studies indicate that snus may reduce the risk of oral cancer and other diseases, including pancreatic cancer and diabetes. It also appears to reduce the likelihood of developing gum lesions and other conditions affecting the mouth, such as pre-malignant lesions called oral leukoplakia. However, a study has found that regular snus use can increase the risk of atrial fibrillation.