Security Guard Training Courses

Security drivers are usually employed by large companies in order to protect their company’s fleet, or they can also be independent contractors who work for themselves. Most security drivers are required to take a driving course and security driver UK qualifications are one of the most sought after drivers’ license states. The security driver is also called on to drive commercial vehicles such as vans, delivery trucks, caravans, motor homes, campers, travel trailers, buses, and other vehicles that have to pass through security checks. These security guards are very important as they are expected to have knowledge about road safety, driving regulations and emergency procedures.

Security Driver Insurance

The security driver has to have considerable driving experience, most often from around the world, and preferably with some military experience also. There are different security driver UK qualifications available depending on the size, type and size of business that you are employing the security guards for. For example, a security driver who works for a hotel or caravan park may have different qualifications to the security driver who works for a convenience store. A security driver can also be from anywhere in the UK as long as they have valid driving licenses for the state they are from, although you should still double check this.

One of the most common types of security guard training courses is the classroom course. The classroom security guard training course covers many aspects of security guard operations and involves teaching students about traffic safety, emergency procedures, hazardous materials, first aid, psychology, communication, and criminal justice. This is a great choice for security guards who want to learn security basics and possibly specialize in a certain area of security. The classroom training is also good if you are not ready to get out into the field right away as it allows you to gain the necessary practical experience. Security guard training courses are offered at security training school, security training centre, security driving school, and GSE training center.