San Jose Towing Companies

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When your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the San Jose, CA area, it’s best to get a tow truck from the most reputable service. Fortunately, San Jose towing companies like First Call Towing Service can be relied on for a quick and affordable service. The company has been around for years and is staffed by experienced, certified drivers. Its services range from flatbed towing to roadside assistance. The company provides competitive prices and 24/7 service. Source –

Certified To Get Your Car Back On The Road Quickly And Safely

Before the pandemic, the transportation department in San Jose received 55,000 to 60,000 abandoned vehicle calls per year, resulting in an average of seven to eight vehicles being impounded or towed. Towing and impounding a vehicle can cost upwards of $300 and daily storage fees can add up to $100. The city’s past complaint-based system tended to favor residents who had the time to call the police. However, a recent change in policy has made the system more efficient and effective.

In addition to private property towing, Rebello’s Towing Services Inc. also provides services to car dealers, garages, and body shops. It also responds to flat tire calls. It is a member of the California Tow Truck Association.