Pink Grip Socks

pink grip socks

Pink grip socks are perfect for yoga, pilates, barre and any barefoot movement. They are designed with the needs of women in mind and include a special grippy sole to help you stick to your mat or reformer like glue, improving stability and security during exercise.

Arebesk Grip Socks

Take your studio style to the next level with Arebesk’s grippy mary jane style grip socks in a classic pink hue. They feature translucent silicone micro-bead grips on the sole of the socks and rib support around the arch for added comfort. The low ankle design gives a minimal profile, while the y-stitch heel keeps them snug and cozy. These grip socks are ideal for at-home lounging or sports like pilates or barre class.

Pink Football Socks: Adding Style and Comfort to Your Game

Are you a Pilates, barre or ballet aficionado? This fun and playful range of grip socks are action ready, perfect for those who want to hold a plank a little longer or tuck a little harder. These socks are crafted from super soft and breathable cotton with built-in compression arch support. A crisscross elastic strap secures the socks to your feet, while the “Join the Club” grip provides a stable and supportive feel, eliminating any slipping or sliding during class.

Water Sports Socks

These pink women’s grip socks are the perfect way to protect your feet from chafing when portaging your kayak or negotiating slippery rocks and splintered docks on a water sport adventure. They are also great for navigating your paddleboard and boat, providing an anti-slip grip that makes it easier to control your board during paddling.