Heavy Duty Wheel Casters

Heavy duty wheel casters are an essential part of furniture, carts and equipment. They help to transport equipment from one place to another with minimal effort.

Whether you need to move equipment from an office to a warehouse or from an industrial facility to your home, you’ll find that the right casters will make it easy. You can also get casters that have extra features, such as brakes and swivel locks.

Load capacity is based on the material and diameter of the wheel, so it’s important to choose a caster that matches your load’s weight. Using a wheel that’s too small can cause it to be difficult to roll, while one that’s too large could cause you to overwork yourself.

Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Wheel Casters for Your Application

Casters that are made of steel or cast iron have high capacities and tensile strength. These are a great option for industrial applications, but they’re not always the best choice for soft floor surfaces.

Rubber and plastic casters are suitable for lighter loads, such as chairs. But they can damage floors if used in extreme temperatures or conditions.

Metal wheels are a popular choice for more heavy-duty applications. They are durable and withstand high heat, but they don’t protect floors like polyurethane or rubber do.

Casters with high load capacities exceeding 850 lbs are ideal for heavy workloads. They come in a variety of styles, including expansion stems, grip neck stems and grip ring stems. They also feature a urethane coating for added durability.