CBD Decaf Coffee

Indulge in a warming cup of delicious decaf cbd decaf coffee precision-infused with CBD and organic, broad spectrum hemp cannabinoids. Designed to help support calm & balance.

A popular idea among some health gurus is that you should brew CBD-infused coffee. They argue that the calming effect of CBD will offset any caffeine-related jitters you might get from drinking a hot cup of joe. But others — including Bonni Goldstein, MD, who specializes in cannabinoid therapy — are skeptical. She says that “temperature affects how much CBD a person will absorb,” and that consuming it in this way could result in inaccurate dosing.

Canndid’s cbd decaf coffee uses Mexican Mountain Water Processed beans, which are specially treated using glacial water to remove the caffeine without affecting the flavor of the bean. Then, they blend it with the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD to create a rich and immersive experience.

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How to brew:

Place 10g into your filter coffee machine or espresso machine and enjoy. This brews well with cold or hot water, so you can enjoy it however you like your coffee. Suitable for all filter coffee machines and espresso machines. Each bag makes 25 servings of cbd decaf coffee.