Aerial Tours

Whether you’re a sky junkie or simply want to see the sights above, these tours will take your adventure to the next level. Tours start at $150 for two people and include flights around Mt. Rushmore, Harney Peak and the Black Hills. Custom tours can also be arranged within a 25 mile radius of Rapid City or Sturgis. URL

Gliders are another popular choice in the Air Tour sector, offering a quieter and more natural sense of soar-like flight without all the engine noise. They are often used to view wildlife, cities, historical sites or geological locations such as volcanoes.

Skyline Spectacles: Aerial Tours Showcasing Urban Landscapes

Helicopters are another renowned aircraft that flies in this aviation sector, and they often provide a more immersive experience for passengers than airplanes. This is particularly true for ‘Virtual Air Tour’ providers that offer real-time virtual scenic flights narrated by a pilot on the ground in high-resolution First-Person-View (FPV) goggles.

While it may seem like an exciting idea to ‘fly your own’ helicopter, this is not typically possible for most people without proper training. Those that do fly their own helicopters must have an FAA-approved pilot’s license and must comply with Part 135 regulations. Moreover, they are required to have a commercial air tour operator brief their passengers prior to each flight, provide and require the occupants to wear life preservers when the aircraft is flying over water and must not operate the helicopter beyond gliding distance from land. These requirements are intended to help prevent unsafe flying and reduce the likelihood of an accident resulting in injury or death.