rope climb machine

The rope climb machine is a unique piece of fitness equipment that replicates the ancient art of rope climbing to give the user an intense upper body and arm workout. This equipment is also great for those who are recovering from injuries as it provides a safe, effective, and highly functional workout that helps strengthen muscles without the risk of falling and hurting yourself. This one-of-a-kind machine can be found in many gyms around the world and is sure to serve as a standout feature that separates a facility from the competition. This link: Source

The History and Evolution of Rope Puller Technology

The machine consists of an endless rope with one run lying vertically and means for moving the rope to simulate a climb up or down while staying close to the ground. The climbing rate can be selectively set to allow an inexperienced climber to climb at a relatively low rope travel speed and an experienced climber to climb at a much higher rope travel speed. The power to move the rope may be provided by a mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic variable speed power source.

To use the machine, the climber sits in a seat positioned with feet hip-width apart and kneeling on the side closest to the rope. Then he grabs the rope with his hands in the manner of a pull-up and pulls upward for a predetermined time or distance. The climber can change the intensity of the exercise by increasing or decreasing the weight of the load and also by varying the position of the hand grip on the rope.