Why You Should Wear Leggings For Workouts

But leggings are one of the most comfortable and versatile workout clothing options for women. You can wear them for a run, a HIIT class or simply while you’re lounging on the couch. Leggings are a great choice for exercise because they’re stretchy, comfortable and won’t ride up while you’re moving. You can find leggings in all kinds of patterns, colors and fabrics, making it easy to find a pair that fits your style and activity preferences.

Leggings also make you feel more energized while you’re exercising, which improves perceived exertion, meaning you can work harder during your workout without getting tired out quickly. Additionally, the porous fabric of most leggings enables your muscles to get more oxygen, which boosts your overall athletic performance.

Bootylicious Fashion: Embrace Confidence with Butt-Enhancing Leggings

In addition to being comfortable, leggings are often cheaper than other workout clothes like shorts and shirts. Plus, most retailers offer free returns, which means you can try out a pair of leggings to see if they’re right for you before spending money on something else.

Leggings come in all different styles and lengths, from a capri-length to full-length. A popular legging trend that hit social media and TikTok early in 2022 was called “butt crack leggings,” which is a cheeky reference to the way they accentuate the rear view with contoured shading woven into the fabric. This particular pair from Seasum has a dart-like waistband and honeycomb fabric texture to help lift the backside, while a ruched seam adds shape. But beware of overly tight leggings, which can cause chafing, dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told The Healthy. Chafing occurs when there’s friction between your skin and the material of your leggings, which can lead to rashes and welts.