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Steroids are the second most common drug seized at Canadian border, after marijuana. According to Global News, steroids were seized in 12 different items totaling $9,850,529 in 2010. Although steroids can be purchased from anywhere in the world, many shipments of them originate from legal sources. That’s why Canadian law enforcement has stepped up efforts to combat steroid use and illegal importation.

There are many reasons why people use steroids. First of all, steroids can help you build more muscle. The hormones in steroids increase the production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen to the organs. This makes you perform better because you’ll have more oxygen. In addition, steroids increase your endurance. Regular exercise can damage your body, so taking steroids can help you last longer.

Steroids are illegal in many countries, but they are legal to buy in Canada if you’re using them for your personal use. The only catch is that it’s illegal to sell them to other people. You can buy them from Canadian pharmacies. In Toronto and Mississauga, you can find Canadien Pharmacy or Lidl Pharmacy. You can also visit athletic stores, but be warned that these typically have long lines.

When buying anabolic steroids online, you need to make sure you’re of legal age. Steroids Canada requires that you are over 18 to buy them. You can buy a small dose and then gradually increase it. Steroids are considered to be safe, but they do have some side effects. Useful info –