How to Find the Best Workout Pants Women

The best workout pants women should be flattering, well-fitting, opaque, breathable and comfortable. They should also offer support to prevent chafing during your workouts.

How should I work out?

The right fabric can make all the difference in your athleisure looks, and the best workout pants should have a performance fiber blend, says Dena Silver, former fashion director of lululemon. Synthetic performance fabrics wick sweat, dry fast and have great stretch for movement. Cotton is a cheaper alternative, but it won’t offer the same moisture-wicking and breathability, she says.

Choose a smooth, shiny fabric to reduce chafing in high-impact activities like running. Soft, matte fabrics are good for studio workouts where there’s less friction, like yoga.

Get a good fit: Check out online reviews to see how real users with different body types and workout routines like a particular style. Look for a pant with an adjustable drawstring waistband to make it easier to find your ideal fit.

Keep it cool: Invest in lightweight leggings that are made of cooling nylon and a moisture-wicking fabric, recommends Morgan Balavage, yoga instructor at Yoga by Jill. The fabric dries quickly and feels cool on your skin, making it perfect for hot yoga.

Go high-waisted: When high-intensity interval training is on your workout schedule, Roser suggests choosing a pant with a high-waisted fit, which will provide more support and help prevent chafing. She also recommends a pair with a compression fabric, which will stay in place during intense workouts.